Competing in the HADO European Championship, our Crescent-Stars made our country proud by finishing the organization hosted by France between 4-6 November with a silver medal.

With this rating, our nationals qualified to participate in the HADO World Cup in 2023 and represent our country.
In the organization hosted by Turkey in 2021, our nationals, who became the European champions, played in the final in the tournament held in France. Our HADO National Team defeated the host France 2-0 in the semi-finals and won the silver medal by defeating the English HADO National Team 2-1 in the final.

With this rating, our HADO National Team also earned the right to participate in the HADO World Cup to be held in 2023. In the HADO European Championship held in France, in addition to the last champion Turkey, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, England, Czechia, Italy, Ireland, Austria and the HADO National Teams of the host France competed.

HADO Turkey Director Koray Erdemir said that it is proud to play in the finals of two European Championships in a row and said, “Although it has been a short time, we are very happy with the momentum HADO has achieved in our country.

Last year, we reached the gold medal at the European Championship held in Istanbul. This year, we reached the silver medal against England in the final of the European Championship. After a head-to-head game in the final, we lost the sets 2-1.

Even though it is a very short time, we have played in the finals of both European Championships, showing the point we have come to in the best way. HADO Turkey is now talking about its successes abroad as well.

I would like to thank once again our main sponsor Vialand Theme Park, Turkish E-Sports Federation, our supporters and business partners and HADO lovers who support us on social media.” said.